What is Hair Cycling Worth, The Washing Method for Healthy Hair?

What is Hair Cycling Worth, The Washing Method for Healthy Hair?

Hair cycling promises healthy and shiny hair thanks to using different hair care products following a specific cycle. What is this method worth? What are the advantages and disadvantages? You will find the answer here.

Some recommend spacing out the shampoos, others only washing your hair in cold water or even practicing reverse washing … In short, there is something to get lost in the face of all the trends. However, one method, in particular, has been making headlines lately, particularly because it promises healthy hair. This is hair cycling. We’ll tell you more. 

What is Hair Cycling?

Hair cycling is a hair care routine that follows a specific cycle. The goal is to take care of your hair with the right products at the right time. Thus, rather than betting on the same hair routine with each wash, it should be adapted according to the state of your hair at the moment or the season to maximize the benefits of the care. 

How to Practice Hair Cycling?

Hair cycling is the best way to take care of your hair. But in practice, how to adopt this hair routine? It’s fairly easy.

Just like skin cycling, it should start with a detox. This first step, to be carried out once a month, will make it possible to purify the scalp and reset the counters to zero. Opt for treatments, such as a scalp exfoliation or a clarifying shampoo, to relieve your hair of impurities and accumulated product residues. Remember to hydrate them well afterward so as not to damage them.

During your next shampoo, bet on repairing treatments with nourishing serums and masks or even an oil bath. The goal? Fortify hair and restore suppleness and shine.

Finally, the third step is customizable. This is the time to use hair products suitable for your hair type. For example, a serum to avoid split ends, an anti-dandruff shampoo, or an anti-frizz cream. 

Of course, these different treatments can change according to the seasons. In summer, for example, it will be necessary to protect your hair from UVA/UVB rays and chlorine and salt. In winter, the scalp is often drier and requires more nourishing care. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Cycling?

The advantage of hair cycling is that your care routine corresponds to the different needs of the hair. It also allows you to do a hair detox, often forgotten and yet so important for the well-being of your mane.

On the other hand, this routine remains quite restrictive and can quickly cost a certain price.

The best thing is to remember to exfoliate once a month to purify the scalp and take care of your hair daily with products adapted to your hair type.

Good tips to keep in mind:

  • always massage your scalp when shampooing to activate micro-circulation and promote growth
  • apply nourishing care before shampooing to maximize their effects and not weigh down the hair

Also, space out the shampoos as much as possible to keep your hair strong.

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