Find out why going out with wet hair is not recommended

Find Out Why Going Out with Wet Hair is not Recommended

Going out with wet hair when it’s cold is a very bad idea. Already because you risk getting sick, but that’s not the only reason. Indeed, getting out with a wet mane in winter can have serious consequences on the health of your hair. We will tell you everything.

In the morning, we shower, and because we are generally in too much of a hurry, we don’t take the time to dry our hair. And although it is advisable to let your mane air dry, leaving the house in the morning with wet hair, especially in winter, is a very bad idea not just because you might get sick no, but also for a whole host of other reasons. Explanations.

Why shouldn’t you go outside with wet hair?

While many believe it’s best to air dry hair which is true – it’s still easier to stick to in the summer, when the temperatures outside are high.

In winter, however, when the thermometer is at its lowest, it’s a different matter. Indeed, if you risk going out with a wet mane, you also risk catching a nasty cold and damaging your hair. Water weakens the hair, which exposes it to substantial damage. The cold freezes the hair, making it more fragile, brittle, and rougher. You will therefore end up with hair that is not very beautiful but, above all, in poor condition!

How to dry your hair without damaging it?

However, drying your hair in a hurry with a hair dryer on maximum power is also not a brilliant idea. Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you.

When you get out of the shower, use a microfiber towel to absorb as much moisture as possible and leave very little water in the hair. Then, apply a chemoprotective treatment to all of the hair and dry your hair using a dryer that you put at a very low temperature. Finally, before going outside in winter, do not hesitate to put on a hat.

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