Fine hair This Very Simple Trick to Do in the Shower to Have More Volume

Fine hair This Very Simple Trick to Do in the Shower to Have More Volume

People with fine hair always seek tips and tricks to gain a little volume. And it starts with the shampoo! Focus on a technique that could well change your life.

When it comes to hair, you are never happy with what you have. People with curly hair dream of straight hair, and vice versa. Fortunately, with the new hair accessories, it is increasingly easy to straighten your hair or curl your mane to change your look. But when you have fine hair, unfortunately, the situation is a little more complicated.

How to give volume to your fine hair?

The problem with fine hair is that they easily have a flat side, and hairstyles are more difficult to hold on to this type of hair. But this is not inevitable because there are many tips to boost the volume of your hair. Hair mousses and other powders that add substance to the hair fiber have been very popular for many years.

In the same way, the hairdressing experts say it and repeat it: it is necessary to give up products that contain silicones, which will weigh down your hair: an effect opposite to what we are looking for. Last tip: dry shampoo, a real beauty ally that will allow you to work your hair more easily while avoiding oily roots, which are even more visible on fine hair.

Here’s how to properly wash fine hair

Care for fine hair starts in the shower, not just by using special fine hair products that boost their volume. Reverse hair washing, or upside-down shampoo, is reminiscent of the pre-poo technique, or the art of caring for yourself, before her shampoo.

The principle?

Apply your mask or conditioner before shampooing. The idea seems counterproductive, but this technique, popular with very dry or afro hair, will allow the hair fiber to be deeply nourished. Then, the shampoo will eliminate the excess product to prevent them from re-greasing too quickly.


Soft and silky hair, light and easy to style! All you have to do is dry your hair upside down by lifting the roots, and your hair will be full of volume.

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