What is nail art?

Step Up your manicure game: the exciting world of nail art awaits

What Is Nail Art?

If the small world of manicures presents constant evolutions, it also includes trends that remain timeless. Among them, nail art continues to gain followers. The term is probably familiar to you! But do you know what it is? Let’s analyze what art is, and find out together what it consists of.

Nail art

Nail art is a method that allows you to ”  make up  ” the nails. The term can be translated as the art of decorating nails. As you will have guessed, the principle is to put decorations on the nails, to complete or replace the traditional varnish.

Nail art

The origins of nail art

The origins of nail art

Nail styling has existed since the 13th century, and originated with the Incas. However, it made itself known thanks to Japanese culture, at the heart of which it took off significantly during the 20th century. It is, in fact, with the popularization of kawaii patterns that nail art became known throughout the world.

What products and accessories are used?

Apart from classic varnishes, the practice of art requires the use of specific products and accessories. Rhinestones, foils, stickers, nail piercings, and other glitter are only a small part of it.

The nail stylist also works with sponges, mother-of-pearl particles, stencils, and different kinds of brushes. The techniques used are just as numerous and make it possible to create or reproduce original nail designs.

False nails and natural nails

False nails and natural nails

It is now possible to do nail art on natural nails, as on false nails (see the different types of false nails ). The decoration of the latter is reserved for professionals mastering the protocols necessary for the protection of the nail. Trained nail stylists are also the best suited to reveal the aesthetic aspect of these additions.

Nail art on natural nails is, for its part, accessible to all. It only requires an understanding of the methods of decoration, as well as a certain skill for the realization of the patterns. Patience is certainly essential during the execution and represents a sizeable ally to letting your imagination speak.

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