How to take care of your nails?

How to take care of your nails?

The simplest of nail arts will not be able to reveal its full potential on poorly maintained nails. We often forget it, but nails in good condition are the best support for well-made decorations. Whether it’s a simple varnish or a more complex achievement, it is essential to have pampered nails. Daily routines, repeated shocks, aggressive products, and fluctuating temperatures all attack your extensions, leaving them vulnerable.

However, all you need is a few tips, a little motivation, and a few habits to take care of your nail. So, how to fortify them, whiten them, and hydrate them? Here is a list of tips that will sublimate your claws.

Start by washing Nails regularly

wash Your Nails regularly

 The gesture seems trivial, but it is the first guarantor of the health of your nails. We can safely say that the nails are in almost permanent contact with all kinds of particles, bacteria, and other dirt. A day, it is therefore important to clean them as often as possible.

This does not mean that you have to wash your hands every time they touch something! It is important to pay attention to your nails in addition to washing your hands before each meal.It is important to clean your nails in the morning and evening by using soap, a suitable brush, and hot water. Gently dry the nails with a natural fiber towel.

Adopt a balanced diet

Your eating habits have a direct impact on the condition of your nails. The latter will thus reflect the deficiencies by displaying a yellow color, split surfaces, dead skin, black spots, or a pale reflection. Take food supplements or adopt a suitable diet to easily solve these small inconveniences.

As your eating habits improve, you may notice noticeable changes in the condition of your nails. Also, remember that it is important to drink enough water!

Protect from attacks

Aggressive products are the first responsible for the degradation of your nails. Limiting or eliminating contact with harmful products is a sine qua non for their maintenance. You should strongly consider wearing gloves for household chores. As cleaning products contain corrosive agents, they can quickly weaken your nails, or even damage them.

Use special nail products with caution. This is particularly the case for solvents. Choose bottles without acetone when removing nail polish, as they are less aggressive to the nails’ composition. Whether or not this liquid is free of acetone, it is advisable to wash your nails immediately after use. This gesture will not only preserve the nails and cuticles but also favor their hydration.

The exfoliation and exfoliation step

It is a habit that is often kept for treatment in an institute, while it is quite possible to practice it from the comfort of your home. The exfoliation and/or scrubbing of the feet and hands contribute to the good condition of the nails. It is a question here of taking care of the small skins which surround the claws, to get rid of those which are dead. The operation is also useful for clearing the edges of the nail so that they are not invaded by excessively invasive skin.

Abandoned, these can quickly detach and spoil the aesthetics of the fingers. After exfoliation, these lightweight envelopes are softened to be more easily treated, and will not pose resistance when it is necessary to push them back. The exfoliation of the feet and hands does not require a specific product and can be done perfectly with a classic body exfoliant.

Use adequate care products

Besides exfoliators and scrubs, nail also needs nourishing care products. Once the dead skin cells are removed, it is easier for the moisturizing agents to penetrate the surface. Gels (Know About Gel Nails), balms, and other creams are particularly effective in restoring flexibility to nails.

The best alternatives, however, remain natural oils which offer more marked effects. Among them, sweet almond and argan oils are the best known. Castor and jojoba essences are also to be considered for their nourishing properties. Finally, pure coconut oil deeply moisturizes and effectively strengthens the structure of the nail.

File Nail properly

File Nail properly

We generally take the habit of filing anyhow, abusing the layers of the nails which are attacked during the process. In order not to weaken their structure, you must already have the right tools and the proper technique. Thus, crystal and glass files are more effective and less aggressive than cardboard models.

The filing should be done smoothly and only go in one direction. It is therefore necessary to avoid working the nails with force or to make frantic comings and goings. Improper use of this tool promotes the splitting of layers, as well as the risk of breakage. The chosen shape is then worked with delicate movements. It is then advisable to smooth the surface of the nails with a polisher, also used with moderate pressure.

Don’t forget the treatment varnishes

Considered excessive by many, treatment varnishes nevertheless have interesting benefits for the nails and the cuticles. If the fortifying liquids are the best known, there are also hardener varnishes or varnishes specially designed to whiten the nails. Other formulas are intended to stimulate their growth while ensuring the unification of the layers. Used in a combo or separately, these products often display compositions enriched with vitamins and calcium to take care of the nails.

Some offer more specific treatments and contain a high level of proteins and keratins. The base, finally, allows to nourish the nails and protects them from the aggressive agents contained in the varnishes.

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